Highlighted Projects

Trahan Construction is committed to building quality commercial construction projects. We prioritize sustainable partnerships with our clients. Our clients refer to us as experienced, committed, and organized. With our services, we will bring your dream project to life. We take pride in our knowledge of the industry and utilize our skills to ensure seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and solid construction every time.

If you’re planning to invest in a construction project, you can count on us. At Trahan Construction, we have the experience, which helps us deliver high-quality projects on time, within your budget.

Below are just a few projects that we have chosen to highlight.

Our Experience

It's not confidence, but commitment & teamwork that makes a great building.

At Trahan Construction, commitment is the difference between good and great.

We've found - through decades of service - the quiet source of our referrals and repeat business is our repetitive, relentless sense of commitment. That's because when you trust us with your project, we become an inseparable part of your customer experience. Our team becomes your partner.

You'll see evidence of that understanding in the friendliness of our team members, the cleanliness of our work sites and the open communication of our project managers. That same understanding drives our dependable deadline accuracy, exceptional quality standards and consistently incredible final products. In every aspect of our operation, you'll find a reflection of your highest expectations.